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Free REST API development in 3 minutes

In 3 minutes, I implemented the process I wanted and completed development with JSON REST API.

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Are you worried about the framework?

Spring, the e-government framework ... I recommend it to those who are worried about what to write. I am worried about business and service rather than worrying about it..

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Beginner developers can run in 30 minutes

Once developed, the source will continue to change and modify until it is destroyed. How long do you have to carry out troublesome maintenance tasks while operating a large number of maintenance personnel? If you use Trinity +, you will feel the simplicity / clarity of maintenance work.

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Shared platform for developers

By using plug-ins created by developers, you can create better systems / services and challenge shared platforms.

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Created by

We have developed Trinity + and are concerned about the web development environment and are working toward remote / home work.
(Of course, we also want to work at home comfortably.)


A person who does the work necessary to create a telecommuting environment.


Best member, Trinity development, social project platform (artificial intelligence PM Duna) development.

Byeon Kyoung-ik

Just someone to help.

What you choose now changes your appearance in five years.

Past courses

Trinity+ Development

Serverless to support REST API service when developing apps !!! API Gateway SaaS based service development.


Social Project Platform Development

Artificial Intelligence Project Management Develop a platform that can be used together with RoboDuna project management solution


Trinity Solution Development

Develop SDLC solution for web development framework and maintenance

You can now use Trinity 3.0. It is not a difficult and difficult website development, A browser-based web development platform. Trinity 3.0 has incredible development productivity and easy maintenance. Now, with this solution, you can enjoy the development of home environment. If you click here, you can receive the Dowload. 2009

Trinity + is wondering what we need to change today.

Free SaaS service

Using the REST API service is free.

Trinity of the REST API service refers to the Web development / REST service development framework.

  • Basic service
  • You can use the basic functions of Trinity after joining.
  • Free / Month
  • When using large capacity service, consultation is necessary
  • Installation type
  • Install and use Trinity in your company
  • Need consultation
  • premium
  • Installation and Consulting
  • Need consultation

People who prepare for innovation beyond change

Alliances and contacts

If you would like to experience Trinity + services, please contact.


Best Member (www.bestmember.net) wants to improve the project environment through the social project platform.

Please send it by e-mail (stuko@nate.com).

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